• Thomas Gaffney

Grades, Limbo, and Rewrites

So, I'm in my final semester at SNHU. I'm actually trying harder than I thought I would, last two classes and all. But I'm getting points off each assignment, and that's going to add up to poor (or poorer than I'm used to) grades. But at this point, I honestly don't care. As long as I pass both classes, my GPA can bear a few off grades, and I've already been accepted into the MFA program I was shooting for. At this point, I'm obsessively checking my grades to make sure I get enough points for a C in each class and then I'm mentally checking out.

As for my MFA program at Emerson, I'm in limbo. I got 99% of all my pre-class stuff done, including filling out my FAFSA stuff. FAFSA sent the information to Emerson, but I still don't know if I'm getting enough to cover my classes. I have an online information session coming up that will hopefully answer any questions that I have. I'd love to get enough in federal loans to not have to take out private ones.🤞🏻 Beyond that, I'm basically in limbo as I wait for what comes next. I know I owe them proof of graduation from SNHU (once I officially graduate), but that it's it that's owed on my end. They did send me some cool swag!

In the meantime, I hired the editors I've been using to look over the fourth draft of NAMES that I'm putting together for my short story collection. I got really good feedback! I still suck at overdoing passive voice. And some of my changes from the first draft to the fourth seemed to go over well. I just finished up the fifth draft this evening. I uploaded it to my ReMarkable and I'll probably go over it sometime tonight or tomorrow night for anything that needs to be corrected for the sixth draft. At this point, I don't know if I'll ask the lovely ladies of Quasar Editing to look it over one more time, or just consider it complete and put it away for the short story collection. I think it depends on my reading of the fifth draft and how I feel about it. If it needs a good deal of revisions between five and six, then I will seek professional help. If it's just some cleanup, then I will consider it to be completed. I also need to see the word count when I'm done with the sixth draft. It's just shy of 5,000 words, which is about perfect for submitting it to magazines and ezines. That's when I need to choose to submit it places or save it for my collection. If I choose to submit it, and it gets accepted, I can't use it in my collection until the exclusivity agreement with whoever bought it expires. So either I'm short one story or I might have to push back the publication date of my collection. Decisions, decisions…

Keep writing!

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