• Thomas Gaffney

One Semester Left

When I started back to school, I didn't know how things were going to go. It'd been years since I took a single class. And it was an online education. And It was a completely different field than what I went to school for originally. And I had a poor track record for putting effort into school for the long haul.

When I took those first two classes, I dove right in. The History 100 class wasn't too engrossing, but I did the readings and applied myself. The Literature 100 class was right up my alley. I didn't even consider it "trying my best," as I was totally enthralled from the beginning. As the semester went along, I shot for an A in LIT-100 and hoped for an A in HIS-100. I would've been happy with a B. Or even a C. And I ended up with an A in both classes. That happened the following semester as well. Pretty soon, I was a few semesters in and rocking a 4.0.

Then, the pressure was on.

Not real pressure, mind you. Pressure I made up and put upon myself to keep my 4.0 going. Spoiler alert: I didn't. And it was fine. I didn't die and no one cared. My life wasn't ruined. And the pressure was off. Truthfully, I had taken two courses that were VERY similar back-to-back and sixteen weeks of doing the same homework got to me. In the end, I didn't put in my full effort into a final paper and got an A- in one of the classes. And then, I had different classes! Exciting classes! And the 4.0 semesters came back. But with less self-created pressure.

Now, however, the pressure is real. I have ONE SEMESTER LEFT. I have two classes. All I need to do is pass them. Even if I don't get two As, my GPA will be high enough to graduate. I, literally, only have to pass. But a lot is riding on it. For starters, I don't have any financial aid lined up if I have to take another semester. And I've already begun to apply to MFA programs. So having to tell them, "Sorry! I f'ed up my last semester!" would not be a good look. So I'm going to do something that hadn't done in my younger years… I'm going to buckle down and put the work in. Finally. I just need to pass two classes to put this degree behind me, so I can continue on and work on my novel. Honestly, I can't wait.

Keep writing!

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