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Trying to do too much

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

So, my initial plan was to blog on Tuesdays and Thursdays. And I managed to stick to my plan for one and a half whole weeks. But I missed blogging yesterday. I feel like after several weeks where I complete all the stuff I want to, I'm now in a spot where everything is on my plate and I have no time to do any of it.

I still have schoolwork. I do have less of it, cause I'm only taking one class this semester, but I'm always anxious that I'm forgetting something because I have less homework that needs to be submitted. Even when I know I have my discussion post done, I'm still checking to make sure I have it submitted. Since this is a New Media class that focuses on building a website, I'm constantly checking the rubrics to make sure my current site/blog has everything needed for class, so I can use this site. I don't want a poor grade because I forgot to add one little thing to my current site.

I still have the short stories I began with my Fiction Writing Workshop classes to finish. I want to use them for FEARS, SCARES, & OTHER NIGHTMARES, so I need to make sure I have enough short stories finished AND have them all through edits by some freelance editors I know of. I just finished the first draft of the third story (it's called DRIP), but now I need to decide whether to edit myself and send the second draft to someone or send this draft out for editing. Plus, I need to start the fourth story (possible choices are PLANE or SICK) if I want to get them all done by the end of the year.

I found out on the 14th that Nightmare Magazine has an open submission period until 3/21 (see my previous post), so I'm working on editing one of my school stories (HOUSE) for that. Luckily, HOUSE went through three drafts for the final project submission, so it's already semi-polished. I'm just making a few changes and hopefully cutting it down to around 5,000 words (the preferred length for Nightmare Magazine). I should have that done, have the wife look it over, and submitted by Saturday night. Maybe checking one thing off my list will help?

I've also been wanting to be more active on The Dread Machine and their Discord server, but last weekend was a mostly "offline" weekend, where the wife and I did a bunch of stuff together, and this week has been a lot of work, homework, and my HOUSE editing. I even went to participate in a shared universe story they were working on, and just haven't had the time to think about it, past the outlining stage, in days. By the time I get caught up on things, the shared universe project will be over.

Truthfully, I'll be done with school soon. And snow season has ended, which means work will be less hectic and take up fewer nights and weekends. Once I submit HOUSE to Nightmare Magazine, I'll be done submitting things for a while. At that point, I'll be able to fill up my free time with writing and editing my stories for FEARS, SCARES, & OTHER NIGHTMARES. It'll feel more like fun and less like stressful work and deadlines and grades. Hopefully then, I'll be able to enjoy my time more. Hopefully…

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