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Updated: Apr 28, 2021

I need to post more things to my Instagram and Pinterest boards for school, so here is my writing desk. I'm a HUGE coffee drinker (and tea, but usually closer to bed) and my SNHU coffee mug takes front stage before my monitor. The fancy pen my wife got me is also right there because I love pens. And my Pennywise POP, as well as my 6" Mandalorian and Snake Eyes figures, line the side. (not pictured: my Stephen King POP as it's still in the box and off to the far left).

Work keeps me busy 40 hours a week. And lately, I feel like I don't have enough hours in the day. I started walking again now that the weather is nicer, and that takes a good hour to ninety-minute chunk out of my evenings. But I did just manage to complete a short story called SICK that I need my wife to read and help edit for me. And DRIP is also completed and needs to be edited. The idea I got on one of my walks through the cemetery across the street is my next story, but I'm not far along yet. I've been handwriting that one on my new ReMarkable at nights while the wife and I watch scary movies (we just finished all the Conjuring-universe films). I love the ReMarkable and can see myself using it a LOT. I'll probably post about it sometime in the near future.

I just read the prologue to a Sci-Fi/Fantasy YA novel that an author in the UK is working on, and offered some feedback. I'll be honest, it was kind of fun and as I get closer to graduation from SNHU, it has me leaning toward looking for a career as an editor of some sort. Knowing my own limitations, I could never be an acquiring editor. For every story I hear about publishing houses passing or Harry Potter before Rowling sold it, I'm reminded that The Da Vinci Code was a successful book. I personally would've sent Dan Brown a form rejection letter. I would be "THAT editor" that gets talked about. But if someone handed me a manuscript and said "this book can be good enough to sell a ton, but needs help," I think I can offer that help.

Still looking into MFA programs. The more I get emails from places and the more I think about it, the more I'm leaning toward not taking any time off between undergrad and grad school. My SNHU classes are over at the end of June and grad schools start in September (maybe?). However, as I type this, I'll probably miss all the deadlines and will have to wait until 2022. Oh well. I guess that gives me time to work on my writing before I have to submit samples to any MFA programs.

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